tisdag 29 mars 2022

Two weeks and open eyes

 Our sweet puppies are celebrating two weeks old today with opening their eyes for the first time!
We have trimmed their nails for the second time and had their first time deworming (for precaution).

Today's weights:

Alve 511 g

Loke 505 g

Eira 443 g

Naia 494 g

Vide 483 g

söndag 27 mars 2022

The Nordic litter 12 days old

 The puppies are growing and it's time to present them with head photos and reveal their names. Their names are influenced from the Nordic countries, some of them are very old. (We're waiting for confirmation from the Swedish Kennel Club to have their names official.)
They are presented in the same order as they were born. 

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in one of the Fabulous Five!

info@arceum.se, +46730250221.

Arceum's Alve 
(seal male)

Arceum's Loke
(fawn male with black mask)

Arceum's Eira
(fawn female)

Arceum's Naia
(black female)

Arceum's Vide
(fawn male)

onsdag 23 mars 2022

One week and a day

 The Fabulous Five are mesmerizing!
It's almost impossible to not get stuck next to the litterbox and just admire the tiny ones.
Yesterday we celebrated one week with the very first trimming of their nails.

torsdag 17 mars 2022

The Fabulous Five

 Tuesday afternoon Alexandria gave birth to five wonderful puppies. The first one came with the tip of his tail first, so it took a little time for Ria to get him out. The other four came with heads first and everything went smoothly. 

Black male with tiny white on his toes, weight 209 g

Isabella male with dark mask, weight 191 g

Isabella female, weight 185 g

Black female, weight 198 g

Isabella male, weight 189 g

These fabulous five are totally gorgeous and Alexandria is the best mom.

Puppies 2022

 We have combined our lovely Swiss boy Iso with our Alexandria. This can be really exceptional!

Ready to fly

Our Fabulous Five are moving out! Four of our precious puppies have moved to their new owners, and we are so happy and thankful that they al...