söndag 30 augusti 2020

The Wonderworld 10 weeks old

 The Wonderworld kids are already 10 weeks old and all but Edith are enjoying their new homes. Thanks to all new owners for loving the small ones and giving them the best homes!

Edith has to wait for her rabies vaccination before she can leave for her new home and is now staying with her grand uncle Mosby until she is ready to move abroad. 

William got his very own kid to cuddle with.

Mikkel got Samso as a big brother, both to play and to rest with.

Halla lives with a lovely pack of Italians and even got a baby brother to play with.

Arthur is also having both gentlemen and other puppies to play with, here with lovely Eclipse.

måndag 10 augusti 2020

Puppy collars

 The Wonderworld puppies got their new collars and leashes home delivered today by Anna, Medali Hunddesign. Thank you for your lovely and well designed work! The puppies look smashing in them. 

onsdag 5 augusti 2020

Six weeks and three days old

All sunny and a nice temperature today so we decided to try some photo shooting outdoor. All puppies are developing excellent and are practicing running skills more and more. 

Thank you Evelina for these lovely photos!

Arceum's Arthur In Ashenvale

Arceum's Edith At Endor

Arceum's Robin In Rivia

Arceum's Sophie At Skyrim

Arceum's William In Winterfell

Ready to fly

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