söndag 19 juli 2020

4 weeks old

Today the Wonderworld kids turn four weeks old. 
They are all totally adorable!

Arceum’s Sophie At Skyrim

Arceum’s Robin In Rivia

Arceum’s Arthur In Ashenvale

Arceum’s Edith At Endor

Arceum’s William In Winterfell 

Arceum’s Sirah
Foto: Anniken R Søndrol 

torsdag 16 juli 2020

Potty training

The puppies are already using the fake grass to pee and poop. I’m very happy with this solution so far! Sophie is showing how it’s done. 😁

måndag 13 juli 2020

First time a real meal

Yesterday our lovely team of five puppies turned three weeks old and today they were introduced to puppy mousse. They all instantly ate with frenzy! 

lördag 11 juli 2020

Sirah got LC-licence

This weekend Arceum’s Sirah got her lure coursing license and is allowed to participate in competitions! She had three approved trial races and the last race she actually run with a whippet! Also the judge praised her race in her critics. 

Sirah is also officially measured 37,5 cm and will enter class 1.

Congratulations to owners Lars and Anniken R Söndrol, kennel Royal Lady in Norway! 

lördag 4 juli 2020

Hello world!

Today the Wonderworld puppies are one week and 6 days and they have opened their eyes! They are getting more and more adorable for each day. 

Thank you Evelina for these lovely photos!

Arceum's Edith At Endor

Arceum's Arthur In Ashenvale

Arceum's Sophie At Skyrim
Her callname will be Halla.

Arceum's Robin In Rivia
His callname will be Mikkel.

Arceum's William In Winterfell

Ready to fly

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